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Review of O'Reilly's "Civic Apps Competition Handbook"

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I decided to read this short (77 pages) handbook just for the simple reason that I am interested in Open Government/Data and Apps, so the mix always rings a bell.

The handbook is a concise read written by Kate Eyler-Werve and Virginia Carlson based on their experiences running the Apps for Metro Chicago contest.
Filled with advices and, best of all, common sense judgements (do you really need a huge budget to run a valuable contest? where does the real value of the contest reside?) that can be taken home. All it takes to read it is just more than an afternoon, but the way it is organized (7 chapters, starting on the ROI elements of a CAC contest and finishing on how to build on top of any contest's outcome) is so logical that all the main aspects that must be known in order to run a CAC contest (or any software-related contest, to be honest) are covered.

A read I recommend if you are into CAC or want to push on the use of Open Government in your community. (Just don't expect to find a plethora of ideas for your next killer-app, though! ;).


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