lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Review of "CSS Fonts", by Eric A. Meyer from O'Reilly Media

0:09 by Rafael Flores · 0 comentarios

It's been a while since my last review, having changed jobs recently I've had to move away from front-end development and back to the "dark-side" of O.S., DBs and backend applications. However, a book like "CSS Fonts" is a very easy and short read.

If you are ever considering the use of CSS Fonts in any project (web, mobile...) this little one of 58 pages is a must. You will find no black magic here, but a great primer on how and where to add some CSS code and "hey presto!" have a much nicer looking web page. All using standards, everything from Font families, faces, weight, styles, etc. It even covers font matching, a rather unfrequent technique used to guarantee the most similar UI font experience on any user agent.
The book is full of little code bits that serve as good base for your own CSS stuff. I missed a more complete example, kind of a "walk through" sample showing what can be achieved with the use of CSS fonts (well, one can always revert to Google for that I guess). This makes this book more a quick-guide style than anything else.
Not much more to say, it's a short one you can read in a relaxed afternoon and since the book is all-standard, you will sure make use of some of it's contents sooner rather than later.